Thursday, April 9, 2009

Altered Paint Cans

Well, I did it! I just finished my first order for altered paint cans. I had so much fun with this project and I am really pleased with the end result.
My customer requested that I design a creative Easter gift for each of the children in her family. I knew the paint cans would be a great alternative to a typical Easter basket. Each of them is unique and filled with candy and goodies.
My one saving grace during the hours in my scrapbooking studio was my Cricut! I am now even more of a Cricut addict. It made this project so much simpler and cost effective. Special shout out to my amazing hubby for buying it for me for my birthday! :0)

My favorite paint can is Hailey's. I am such a sucker for that shade of blue and I love the contrast with the black and pink.
Brianna's paint can was initially a struggle for me, but I think adding the stars (courtesy of my buddy the helped creative a very spirited cheerleading can.

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  1. I think they came out great! I hear an article being written!