Friday, October 16, 2009

"Bunny Online"

Last night, we went to Dave & Buster's as a family and T redeemed some of her tickets for an adorable little bunny that hops, squeaks and wiggles his ears. She named him Snuggles. T quietly began playing in her playroom and after throwing a load of laundry in the machine, I popped in to check on her.

I found her putting the finishing touches on her own paper bunny (which she has since named Daisy). I couldn't get over her creation! She explained that she laid her bunny down on the paper and traced it. Then, she added a circle for his tail and drew in an eye. Then she colored it in. I can't tell you how excited it made me to see her figure out how to do this on her own.

T has really started to show signs of some fantastic creativity...and that added some sunshine to my rainy Fall morning for sure! --Jen
P.S. I asked Talia what I should title this blog entry and she suggested, "Bunny Online". I love it!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sharing Creativity

So, like most parents, I have been collecting every piece of artwork T has created since she could hold a crayon, in her once, chubby little fingers. Over the past year, she has really enjoyed coloring and crafting. We started collecting all of these masterpieces in a large basket in her playroom, which began to overflow.

So, I had a thought. Why not share these masterpieces with others? I told T of my plan and she was completely on board. First, we sorted through the basket and saved our most memorable and favorite pieces. I couldn't let go of her first painting of a unicorn and she couldn't let go of anything that resembled a princess, a pony of the color pink. :0) But, by the end of the day, we had gathered 40 masterpieces to share with others.

I made a phone call to a local nursing home and made arrangements for us to visit with the residents. Today, we met with a large group before they had their BINGO game for the day. Talia individually handed out her creations to each of the residents and said, "I made this for you." They loved could they not! And they were very thankful.

Mid-way through our time with the residents, Talia said, "Look Mommy, they are all smiling!" My heart melted and I thought to myself, "Now it can't get any better than that!"
T with one of the residents... she was so cute! I loved her all dressed up with her pearls.

On our way out, I felt so proud of T! I was beaming from ear to ear!