Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting Creative with SCENTSY

If you haven't heard of Scentsy, it's time you found out! My best friend Allison recently became a Consultant and after attending a party of hers, I was hooked!

Question: What is Scentsy?

Answer: Wick free, flameless candles, that come in over 80 scents and can be used with over 40 warmers. Safe for children and pets.

Everyone who I've introduced to Scentsy can't get enough! Check it out here!

After hosting a Scentsy party, I earned TONS of free stuff. My favorite item so far... the "Do It Yourself" Scentsy Warmer. Tonight, I got a little creative decorating a warmer for my scrapbooking studio. The colors of the rub-ons matched my room perfectly and it was so easy to do: Cut out the rub-ons you like, position them on the warmer wherever you want and rub them on using the Scentsy rub-on tool. That's it!

Here are some before and after photos! :0)

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