Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy as a PIG in mud!

T started Pre-K this year. She and her classmates are learning all about pigs. I wanted to help reinforce her lessons, so we took a trip to the library and found a bunch of pig themed books to read at bedtime.

Later that day, as I was about to walk my empty milk container to the recycling bin in the backyard, it hit me... we could make a pig out of this!!! And so, we did! Talia was completely engrossed in transforming this once white milk container into a pretty little pink friend.

But, about midway through her painting, she stopped and said, "Mommy, I want to make my pig muddy!" In that moment, I felt such pride... 'atta girl! There is that spark of creativity. So, where some moms may have said no to messing up such a pretty project, I let T go to town. And I have to admit, watching her "muddy" her pig (and herself), was the most fun, by far.

Parents, and even teachers, often squash creative ideas because "that is not how it is done" or because it is "too messy" or "because bananas aren't red, they are yellow." I should know, I used to be like them. But now, I make the effort to embrace my daughter's creative thoughts. Today, I hope you all find a way to do something creative with someone you love.


  1. I love the muddy pig!!!! Talia is growing up so fast. You are a terrific mom!

  2. I love this!! I just re-found your blog. Love it.