Friday, January 15, 2010

Helping Haiti

I hosted my third Memory Works Class tonight and this time, our class had a bit more meaning. Earlier this week, Haiti was devastated by a catastrophic earthquake. We have all seen the photos and watched the media reports. It has been hard for me to fight back the tears. To imagine your world crumbling around you...the enormous sense of helplessness and vulnerability scares me just thinking about it. How blessed we all are to be safe and comfortable tonight, surrounded by the ones we love.

Earlier today, I decided that I would donate 100% of the money I earned from tonight's class to Americares. I am happy to report that we raised $60 in total. I wish we could do more, but I can rest knowing that somewhere, somehow, even in the smallest way, we helped someone. I encourage all of you to take a minute and donate a few dollars to a reputable organization helping in the relief effort. If you are unable to donate your money, consider saying a prayer or volunteering in your community.

Thanks to Joe, Michele, Allison & Angela for joining me tonight. Their creativity was exciting to witness.

Tonight's class seemed fitting... we designed magnetic calendars and 2010 Planners. As we look ahead, I hope 2010 brings hope and revitalization to the people of Haiti. Hold your loved ones a little tighter tonight. Have a bit more patience with your children. Call your parents and Grandparents. Cherish every second we have...because as we have learned, it all can be over in an instant.

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